Future ready Career options

10 New Future Ready Careers

With technology transforming the world in a big way, every sector, every field is experiencing a change. Automation and machines are driving the processes and methodologies with which people operate and perceive the things around them.

The first man wandered in search of food and shelter, and in the process invented fire, the wheel and many such things to which we owe the evolution that has created the world as we see it today. However, this road to evolution is still continuing as technologies transform everything that we use to make our lives easier.

Technology is playing a significant role in driving processes today while giving rise to Industrial Revolution 4.0. It has resulted in reducing the man-hours involved in doing a job at some places while eliminating the need for human intervention at others. This has led to many jobs being eliminated while a lot of new jobs being created.

Let us talk about the good part of this change – the addition of new jobs in the employment sector. While most of us have always been inclined to take the conventional road to career-making that includes jobs like doctor, engineer, accountant, teacher, etc., there are a few of us who strive to explore the world of unconventional career opportunities. So, here are a few new future ready career options that you can pursue.

3D Printing Technician

Futurists believe that we have only reached the beginner’s stage of 3D-printing technology. People like industrial designers and biomedical engineers are already experimenting with on-demand manufacturing of objects like food, clothing, tools, medical implants, household objects, automotive, aviation and electric components. As technology advances, 3D-printing machines are bound to become commonplace giving rise to the requirement of 3D-printing technician jobs.

Blockchain Developer

Heard about Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency? Do you know that the technology behind it is called blockchain? Well, that’s not just it! Blockchain technology is essentially a growing list of records that are linked using cryptography. It is used to make economic and other types of transactions faster, more private and decentralised. As complex as it may sound, this technology is bound to grow in demand with the advancing technology, which will undoubtedly give rise to the jobs for people who can understand this technology and develop practical products and services through its usage.

Digital Content Specialist

Another major revolution happening in the digital world is the rising need for digital, interactive and on-demand media. Owing to the digital services that keep us connected to online media and entertainment at all times, there is a rising need for fresh content. Organisations are realising that generating new digital content is playing a significant role in sustaining their effectiveness. Thus, the growing need for digital content specialists – across different job titles and abilities – will be in high demand. So, aspirants must start taking training and courses like writing, internet marketing, multimedia and digital arts.

Data Analyst

Owing to the evolution of computers and other computing devices along with a cultural shift toward tracking and measuring, a large amount of data gets generated and collected every year. This calls the need for professionals who can not only collect this vast amount of data, but can also spot patterns, identify trends – both past and current, and forecast future possibilities. Thus, as organisations strive towards gathering more and more data, there will be more and more jobs for data analysts.

Nurse Practitioner

Given the advancement in the available medical facilities, recent times have seen a rise in the number of ageing and longer-living population. Contrastingly, the healthcare sector might not be able to meet the requirements of this rising number of patients. In such a scenario, where there are more patients as compared to the number of doctors available, there comes a need for non-physician health professionals who can cater to the needs of acute and chronic conditions of such patients. Thus, the need for registered nurses who can attain the right kind of education at their graduation level and become nurse practitioners.

Earthquake Forecaster

The recent times have started experiencing more natural calamities like earthquakes, which results in the need for professionals who have the skills to accurately map the Earth’s core and figure out how to actually predict earthquakes with sufficient amount of warning. Thus, the future beholds many opportunities for professionals with skills like strong STEM background, critical thinking skills and complex problem-solving skills.

Augmented Reality Developer

With more and more technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) disrupting the world in a big way, the need for specialists of such technology is growing. For instance, an Augmented Reality Developer is a person who can develop ways to superimpose digital images onto a person’s general perception of the world through the usage of special glasses, bionic contact lenses, along with other technologies. Thus, the need for such developers who can intelligently design and put this technology into use effectively.

Virtual Reality Designer

As mentioned above, the evolution of newer technologies is giving rise to the need for professionals who can effectively use this technology and put it into use. Similar is the case with a Virtual Reality Designer. With Virtual Reality, people now do not need to physically travel in order to experience new places. Whole virtual worlds are being created through the use of this technology that allows you to interact with the virtual world using all your senses. Thus, the need for talent VR designers will boom in the coming times.

Commercial Space Pilot

We have invaded the moon… Elon Musk and Richard Branson are racing to space… New properties are being created on the moon for common people to stay… Remember hearing all such news in the recent past? Well, undoubtedly not each one of us can become astronauts and fly into space to the moon and back, right! Thus, there will be a need for commercial space pilots who will be trained to fly much larger spacecraft with many people aboard. So, if you had always dreamt of invading the space, grab your chance now!

Commercial Drone Operators

The usage of drones till now has only been limited for military purposes. However, this scenario is not here to stay as the drones are now being involved in commercial operations. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), as they are called, have become of exponential use today, with features like camera, light, audio sensors, robotic arm, etc. This has resulted in their requirement in the civilian space like agriculture, conservation, infrastructure management, disaster management, product delivery or aerial photography. Thus, the need for commercial drone operators will rise, and such engineers will require training in skills like UAV design, vehicle communication, sensor development and vehicle navigation.

The future holds a lot of opportunities that are not only unconventional, but require specialised skills and are perfect for enthusiasts with a unique outlook towards their career. So, if you are amongst those who do not want to pursue a traditional career, look out for the relevant institutes that provide the appropriate training and skill-development for such unconventional careers so that you can make yourself future ready.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What jobs will be in demand in 2022?
The following jobs will be in demand in 2022:

  • Software system developers
  • First-line supervisors of construction trades
  • Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers
  • Wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives
  • Computer systems analysts
  • Agricultural managers

What careers are in high demand right now?
The careers that are in high demand right now are:

  • Personal care aide
  • Fast food preparation and serving worker
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Home health aide
  • Applications software developer
  • Janitor

What are the most fun jobs?
Some of the most fun jobs existing right now that also pay well are:

  • Private island caretaker
  • Ethical hacker
  • Ferrari driving instructor
  • Video game designer
  • Toy designer
  • Hollywood stunt person
  • Fortune cookie writer

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