‘Education is the movement from darkness to light’, Allan David Bloom.

The great philosopher, classicist, and academician, Bloom has rightly quoted that education is an important aspect for the future of the nation. It also shows that education has always played an important role in the growth of the country and the people. Henceforth, any nation’s education system lays the foundation of its future. All approaching professionals such as scientists, policymakers, doctors, engineers, artists, politicians, and so on – are the aspects of the education system of a nation.

In other words, if the education system lacks anywhere, the country will not be able to do justice for its upcoming workforce to be of the ideal quality and generate progressive results. In result, the pre-products of the education system including working professionals will not have the capability to drive the nation forward, especially when their global companions would’ve been trained using an advanced methodology. To win the race and to achieve this goal many European and Asian countries including India have adapted advanced techniques of learning and teaching over the conventional ones.

If you are curious to know about the futuristic trends in education immersed by India that is shaping our future, here are the driving forces that you should watch out for:

1. Practical Learning Strategies: These techniques of learning help students in demonstrating their knowledge and understanding the concepts of the topic by following a practical approach.

2. Edutainment: This term has been generated from an amalgamation of Entertainment with Learning. In other words, education and entertainment are opening the doors to think ahead. It also refers to the use of technology to concentrate on online videos or slideshows. It has already replaced the traditional learning and teaching pieces such as pens and chalk.

3. Smart Education: Learning with the help of smart learning devices such as smart devices, virtual classrooms, virtual learning environment, etc, offers a paradigm shift in the way students access education. Smart education has also solved the conundrum by using cutting – edge technology helping both learners and teachers prepare themselves for tomorrow.

 4. Gamification: Making learning fun by gamification is a technique where students are taught through self-discovery, creativity, and imagination. Game-based learning also helps kids to understand the topics better.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: It’s been proven that students learn best at their own pace and is adapted according to their style of learning. That’s what (AI) and machine learning does, it focuses on the unique pedagogical needs of each student by making personalization in education an imperative.

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