5 High Paying Jobs you didn’t know Existed

Youngsters nowadays feel that attaining a university undergraduate degree followed by a master is the sure shot path to building a successful career. While it is true that a university certification from a reputed institute gives you an advantage in job hunting, it doesn’t always guarantee profound success and job gratification, and often leads to you rotting in the corporate rat race.

Conventional routes to ascending the pay scale include traditional domains – Law, Medicine, Accountancy and most popularly Corporate Management.  Of course, what counts as a ‘well paying’ job is subjective and varies based on a host of factors mainly – education qualifications and your place of stay. At the same time, even if you live in a vicinity which lacks a corporate culture and lifestyle, or you lack the bling of a flashy university degree, you could look at some quirky and offbeat professions/jobs which have lucrative packages. These careers greatly differ from the conventional streams but compensate for them with their unorthodox and compelling applications. These are the types of jobs that we don’t really daydream about when we’re young, but end up doing if we have the chance, distinct skill, and in some cases, talent. The location also matters, of course. We’ve listed down five such jobs to expand your horizon and give you something to think about – some of these jobs don’t even exist in some nations, but could make you a lot of money in others, given that you’re the right fit –


It is extremely common to whine about your work and career, and conversely, it’s even more unusual to make your career about wine. A Sommelier (the French word for butler ) is essentially a glorified wine steward at a fancy upscale fine dining restaurant who most probably earns as much as the diners he serves. Sommeliers are wine enthusiasts and remarkably knowledgeable about wine service and wine & food pairings. They use their expertise to act as a consultant for diners and suggest suitable wine combinations to them, based on their palate preferences and final meal order. In addition to the customer servicing aspect of the job, Sommeliers often travel to vineyards, identify potential sources of product procurement and overlook the wine storage facilities at restaurants. Someone born and brought up around vineyards can easily ace the practical interviews and theoretical tests to earn a bomb from this profession.

Submarine Cook

A chef at a lavish Michelin star restaurant is more than capable of living a satisfactory and sustainable life, however, one could gain fruitful earnings by applying their culinary skills underwater in a submarine. According to the Daily Telegraph, a submarine cook employed by the Australian Navy can earn up to AUD 200,000 (USD 160,000) a year. Australian submarine cooks are jobs listed as “critical to the navy” and are even eligible for bonuses of up to USD 40,000 a year. Aside from cooking for the navy, submarine chefs generally perform a host of roles, such as learning basic underwater emergency safety procedures.

Celebrity Feng Shui Consultant

Unquestionably the most eye-catching and bizarre name on this list, Feng shui is an antique practice, originating over 3,000 years ago in China, that deals with how the direction and placement of objects within a confined area could potentially affect your life and health.

Feng Shui consultants are hired by celebrities who task them with the job of arranging or re-arranging furniture and ornaments in their home. Star celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are self-proclaimed enthusiasts of this traditional philosophy. Their job could be compared to an interior designer who simply inculcates ancient viewpoints and learnings in a modern day home in order to bless and safeguard the celebrity clients.


As the name suggests, a Hippotherapist works in Hippotherapy which basically incorporates physical exercises with horses into a patient’s rehabilitation process. Hippotherapy is most widely used to treat patients with neurological or other disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, arthritis and behavioural disorders. This profession is a growing field in the ever-expanding healthcare industry.

Golf Ball Diver

This job does indeed seem odd at first and anyone with even an ounce of sporting knowledge would not doubt its applicability in the sport. A devoted golf ball diver could make upto $150,000 according to the CNN. These divers are generally sole proprietors and simply resell the balls they recover from golf courses which literally motivates them to dive for treasure and hit up as many lakes as possible. It is not free of risk of course, as some lakes are home to alligators. So, before considering this career you should think whether the ‘ plunge ‘ is worth the gamble.

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