School admission process

A Checklist for Parents for School Admission Process

Becoming a parent is one of the most overwhelming experiences an individual goes through in their lifetime. As much as it is the most joyous moment, it comes with a lot of responsibility and decision-making. While every step your child takes in their initial days is taken care of by you, one of the most crucial life decisions you take for them is their education.

Sending your child to a school requires a lot of research as you plan to build the foundation of their life. The formative years of a child’s life, as you know, are very crucial and so, must be dealt with utmost care and love. It is important that these years be nourished in the best manner possible, because when the child is growing, they learn from everything in their surroundings, which makes it essential to make their experience meaningful and valuable.

So, let us first look at the process of selecting a school for your child. It includes the following steps:

  1. Researching about the schools in your vicinity
  2. Visiting the schools
  3. Analysing the educational philosophy of the school
  4. Knowing about the faculty
  5. Checking about the facilities and infrastructure provided by the school, and much more.

Once you have shortlisted the schools of your choice, the next step is to follow the admission process laid down by schools for easy admission of your child. The admission process, as guided by schools, may seem to be tedious, but here is a detailed checklist that parents can follow to ensure that they do not miss out on anything and easily secure admission for their child in the school of their choice.

Firstly, stay informed about the dates on which the schools release their admission enquiry forms, so that you can fill them on time and not miss out on the initial step of the admission process. Most schools release all the dates of their admission process, which include the date of admission enquiry form, the last date of submission, the declaration of admission results, interview with school (if any), lucky draw results (if any), submission of admission form and fees if your child secures admission, among other such important dates.

The registration process starts with the filling of the Registration Form, paying the applicable registration fee, if any, and submitting the documents listed below to the school authorities:

  1. Passport sized photograph of the child
  2. Passport sized photo of each parent
  3. Attested photocopy of the child’s birth certificate
  4. Attested photocopy of the child’s permanent and current residence proof
  5. Attested copy of last two years’ school reports, if any

The next step in the admission process is the interview conducted by the school for your child. An interactive session is also held between the parents and the school to understand each other’s needs regarding the child’s education.

Since international schools are tech-driven, many of them follow an online system of communication. Thus, the results of the assessments/ interviews conducted by the school are sent to parents in the form of an offer letter via email.

The next requirement here is fee payment. If you are willing to accept the school’s offer letter to take admission, you are required to give a formal acceptance to the offer letter. As per protocol, you will need to pay the admission fee, caution deposit, etc., along with the application form.

Post this, the school admission team will send an email confirming the admission of your child.

While there are many education boards prevalent in India, the popular ones amongst these are CSBE, ICSE, CIE and IB boards. Leading schools that follow the CBSE Board include Delhi Public School, Mount Litera Zee School and Manav Rachna International School, among others. Some of the leading ICSE schools in India are G. D. Goenka School and The Shri Ram School, among others. Some of the best IB schools in India are Mount Litera School International, GD Goenka World School and Dhirubhai Ambani International School, among others.

It is essential to note that the school admission procedure is strictly regulated, which is why parents must duly abide by all the guidelines set by them. Some schools in India have designed a transparent admission procedure to provide fair admission and equal learning opportunities to all the children.

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