Can you Achieve Anything with Deliberate Practice?

We all know that mastering a task needs continuous efforts. It’s a conscious practice of learning by doing. To achieve mastery, students need to continue experimentation. Experts are not born overnight; they made themselves over many years of hard work and sweat. They practised deliberately, they planned the efforts that the task needed and worked on feedbacks. To achieve anything, deliberate practice is the ultimate truth, be it for a student or for a professional.

But there’s a catch; things are not always achievable with practice. Certain things look desirable but are not feasible. For example, a student cannot learn a foreign language say, German entirely within three months. This haphazard approach limits its credibility also.

Planning, taking notes and most importantly starting slow and then gradually increasing the speed is the key to practice correctly. Students often face problems due to continuous practice because deliberate practice is hard mental work, they need to limit sessions of reasonable duration to achieve the desired goal, this helps in staying focused.

Results will only show if students keep repeating the same practice. It’s a continuous process, but keeping the right track in mind and following that is the key. 

But yes, deliberate practice in a proper way and moderate proportion can actually help a student to achieve the goals that they want.

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