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Which institutes offer Contemporary Photography Courses in India?

Photography has always been an attractive and viable career option for individuals with a creative bent of mind. With the rapid digital and technological expansion in advertising, media, and fashion, the photography industry has emerged as a fruitful and thrilling career path for the Indian youth. Until a few years ago, the public regarded photography as a hobby profession only, but it is now growing significantly.

Contemporary Photography can be described as integrating modern technologies and formats of photography, such as – colour photography, digital manipulation, and large-scale printing techniques while maintaining the traditional aspects of photography. Some unique institutes in India offering Contemporary Photography courses are –

Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy offers an 11-month course under their ‘Pearl Edge’ programme. This weekend certificate course in advanced photography provides an unparalleled opportunity to students and novice photographers to enhance their photography skills and explore the visual culture. Students are provided with valuable insights from Canon photo members, who encourage students to develop their unique style. Along with this form of mentoring, students are also offered the opportunity to visit galleries, museums & exhibitions, and collaborate with students of other avenues in the institute. The institute attracts start faculty like John Edwards – official photographer for UNICEF in India and Rohit Dhingra, ace fashion and lifestyle photographer

Calcutta School of Contemporary Photography

This school in Kolkata have two distinct courses – standard and professional –  based on the level of interest of the aspirant. Their photography trails which are usually guided by prominent photographers are slowly becoming very popular. With new technologies emerging every day, photography has gained new dimensions; whether it’s static or moving images, this institute emphasises on these new trends.

National Academy of Photography

The National Academy of Photography teaches students a variety of techniques used in fashion photography, advertising & commercial photography, journalism, and digital imaging. They believe in stimulating creativity. The institute does not hold structured classes; all their lectures are workshop-based. Students can learn from Romanian icons Teodor Radu Pantea and Ovi D. Pop as well as renowned cinematographer Soumendu Roy, who worked with Satyajit Ray.

The Indian Institute of Digital Art & Animation

The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation provides special field training in the spectrum of wildlife photography. A recent shooting destination for this programme was Palamau Tiger Reserve in Jharkhand. They also provide a film and photography course, which will earn you a B.Sc, PG Diploma or Diploma. Some prominent names who have imparted their knowledge through interactive sessions are Prakash Jha, Raja Sen, Bipasha Basu, Arghyakamal Mitra, Sakyadeb Chowdhury and Anup Mukhyopadhyaya.

IIP Kolkata

IIP Kolkata is an institute for budding new generation photographers and is one of the premiere photography institutes in Kolkata. It is dedicated to promoting the art and technique of professional photography. The educational body is a brainchild of photographer Mr Sanat Ghosh, having been established in 2012. It offers a full-time advanced diploma program, along with a weekend based diploma program. These cover the basics, history, and manual sides of photography and aspects of lighting, editing, and other skills.

Out of all the options listed above, Pearl Academy stands out as the perfect option for aspiring contemporary photographers. This is because they have stabilised themselves as a premier institute in the domains of fashion, design, and media. Students having completed their Contemporary Photography course can avail career paths such as business shoots, e-commerce shoots, make-up & beauty shoots. Along with strong employment opportunities, students are provided with an array of industry insights and international exposure, imparting learning through evolved and new-age education, termed as Education 4.0.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Colour important in photography?
Colour in photography could definitely be seen as the most significant factor. It can generate mood, emotion, warmth, coldness, amongst others. Colour in an image can also be imperative to the narrative of the image. For example, if the image is of a warm beach then warm colours in the image can emphasise the narrative of this.

What is form in photography?
Form refers to the situation when a shape takes on three dimensions. Form is created by shadows and highlights on an object in the photograph. It describes that part of the picture which highlights its three-dimensional characteristics.

What is value in a photograph?
In photography, Exposure Value (EV) is a number that describes a mixture of a camera’s shutter speed and f-number, such that all combinations that produce the same exposure have the same EV (for any fixed scene luminance). Exposure value is also used to symbolise an interval on the photographic exposure scale, with a difference of 1 EV corresponding to a standard power-of-2 exposure step, regularly referred to as a stop.

What is space in photography?
The ‘rule of space’ states that if the subject of the photograph is not looking directly at the camera, or is looking out of the frame, there should be enough space or area for the subject to look into. This technique helps create intrigue and curiosity in the minds of the viewers.

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