Ethical Issues in Education- Barriers to Learning Process

Every child should be trained, and the UN has rendered it one of every child’s fundamental human rights, acknowledging the harm of having uneducated people and the significance of educated citizenship. Unfortunately, there are some issues in this system as well which the students and teachers face on an everyday basis. 

Gender and social inequality

Gender and social inequality in India is still a huge problem that is one of the hindrances in the way of educational growth. Especially in rural India, girls child still can’t go to school because the mindset is that they are born to do the household works. 

Caste Issues

Caste plays a significant role in ethical issues in education. The scheduled tribes, scheduled castes reservation in India, make headlines every now and then. Many deserving candidates lose their chance in higher studies because of the caste issue. 

Lack of Vocational Education

In today’s world, the conventional ways of education don’t really fit. The education system should introduce more vocational courses in India. Because of the new age system, which is continuously evolving, demands practical knowledge. Students with theoretical knowledge often stay behind in this fast-moving era.

Lack of Digitalization

In this era of new-age media, digitalization is the goal that we are heading towards. But, the lack of digitalization is making it hard for our education system to grow the way it should by now. The issues in taxation and other regulatory guidelines, poor connectivity, digital access are roadblocks to the digitalization in education.

Politics in Higher Education

Politics in higher education causes a lot of problems in the curriculum itself. The atmosphere in an educational institute is one of the significant issues in the system nowadays.

Vast and Varied Syllabus Lacking Relevance

The vast and varied syllabus in education is one of the ethical issues the system is facing. The huge, irrelevant syllabus makes it hard for the students to prepare themselves for the future because the world is now getting ready for digitalization and mugging up theories is not the right way.

Though we are witnessing growth in education system gradually, if we can fix these ethical issues now, there will be double the growth in the future than it is now.

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