Prepare yourself for the future with an M.Tech in Automation & Robotics Engineering

Engineering continues to be one of the popular and in-demand verticals around. One needs to look at the dynamics of engineering in India to understand why this is the case – people from all over the country are getting into engineering colleges to ensure that their career path is as smooth as can be. It’s a general perception that has seeped itself into the roots of Indian culture, and one really can’t fault this notion for arising in the first place – after all, the fact of the matter is that technology is the future, and one’s job will pretty much be guaranteed once they make their mark in this particular vertical.

However, if you’re one of the many people who wish to break into the vertical of engineering, then there’s one thing you need to keep in mind for the same – the job market has become oversaturated with numerous aspirants like yourself who wish to make a noticeable mark as an engineer. Thus, it becomes all the more important to ask this pressing question – exactly how does one stand out from the rest of the pack and figure out what can be done to improve their employability prospects?

Well, as mentioned before, one thing that aspirants – such as yourself – need to keep in mind is the fact that technological development is at an all-time high. The current aspects of engineering that are relevant right now might not hold the same level of relevancy further down the line. This makes it the need of the hour for aspirants to specialise in a field so that they can stay relevant in the job market over time.

Keeping the points mentioned above in mind, it must be said that one of the best ways in which one can attain this sense of relevancy in the engineering job market is by specialising in automation and robotics engineering. Universities like UPES provide this degree and ensure that one’s future employability prospects aren’t hampered as a result of outdated education modules and practices.

To understand why M.Tech in Automation & Robotics Engineering will help you become future-ready and tackle the challenges of tomorrow, both these avenues of specialisation need to be looked at in detail.


One doesn’t need to be an expert in technology to understand why automation has become so important in modern times. Whether it be in the context of our homes or in full-blown industries, the fact of the matter is that automation is playing a crucial role in our lives. Specialising in this domain will help you play a pivotal role in the industries of tomorrow and provide you with the means to propel innovation across multiple industries.

Robotics Engineering

Speaking of automation, it must be said that this form of technology and robotics engineering go hand-in-hand. The negation of human error is one of the most significant requirements in the industries of today, and robotics engineering is progressing by leaps and bounds to accommodate this requirement. Menial tasks that are being accomplished by valuable human resources right now are slowly being done by robots, freeing up the workforce to perform tasks that require a human touch. So, it’s evident that a degree that specialises in robotics engineering will go a long way in ensuring that little or no problems come in the way of people making their name in a field that’s continuously growing to this day.

The domain of engineering is very much in demand – the current landscape of this domain is indicative enough of this fact. However, the saturation of this job market mandates the need for aspirants to figure out the best course of action that can be taken to ensure that little to no problems come in the way of people enjoying the career path they want. This is where an M.Tech in Automation & Robotics Engineering comes into play, allowing individuals specialise in a department that’s continually growing. With modern institutes like UPES playing a significant role in providing these new-age courses, your future in the engineering sector is assured.

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