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How you can provide your child with esteemed international exposure?

For a parent, it’s quite apparent that they would want to secure the best learning prospects for their child. It’s evident as to why this is the case – no parent would want to see their child unnecessarily struggle throughout their life, making it the need of the hour for these guardians to ensure that everything possible is accounted for while selecting the best higher learning option available at their behest.

Of course, such a task is easier said than done. Several factors need to be kept in mind for the same, and this can be quite hard for a parent to map out efficiently. Nowadays, employers that hire new-age talent generally look out for individuals that have a cohesive and holistic mix of different skills, augmented by the experiences they’ve been exposed to at their time in their respective higher education institution. To take all of these elements into account while deciding a good college for the child is a monumental task.

However, instead of trying to account for every educational aspect at the same time, a better course of action would be to look at each element and seek out the institutions that take these aspects into account from the get-go. One such factor that parents should keep in mind when it comes to securing their child’s higher learning prospects has to be the concept of international exposure. It’s an element that will go a long way in impressing employers and ensuring that their career prospects are secured for the relative future.

One such institute which ensures an exceptional level of international exposure – among other things – is none other than Pearl Academy. For parents who are unsure as to why we’re highlighting this institute as a stalwart provider of international exposure in the domain, then let us quell their doubts and worries by emphasising the various ways in which Pearl Academy ensures an esteemed level of international exposure for their child.

Exchange Programs

One of the best ways for a child to attain an acceptable level of international exposure would be through eminent exchange programs. These include enlightening visits to Domus Academy, Milan, and Whitefield, New Zealand. This obviously goes both ways – students from LDT Nagold in Germany have also attended a semester at Pearl Academy’s Jaipur campus.

International Alliances

Pearl Academy has set up alliances with numerous reputed international institutes so that the student can enjoy global-best education practices and become a key player in the field. This list of international alliances is present on the website, with each of these eminent institutes contributing in their own manner to accentuate the learning of the child and providing them with a worldly overview of the learning process.

Global Opportunities

Pearl Academy has ensured that its students can showcase their talents on an esteemed platform. These platforms include the Redress Design Awards, Graduate Fashion Week (London), Copenhagen Fashion Week, Youth Fashion Summit, and the Dubai Design Week. If parents let their child enrol in this platform, then who knows – their name might just become a part of this esteemed list!

International exposure is the need of the hour in modern times, and Pearl Academy is providing this in spades. This is accomplished through a combination of exchange programs, international alliances, and valuable global opportunities – all of which contribute to providing your ward with an illustrious level of international exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it important to have international experience?
As the world is getting more connected, understanding the cross-borders culture is becoming important. International exposure always gives you an edge over other people. Employers always give preference to people who have confidence and good communication skills. People should be able to speak languages and they should be able to make new connections.

What is an international experience?
In simple words, international experience is the experience of other nations apart from your home country’s experience. Be it studies or job, if you are going out for any of the two in some other nation it will be called international experience.

Can an international student be self-employed in Canada?
As an international student, your primary purpose in Canada must be to study, and you must be able to cover all the costs of your studies without relying on employment income. However, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and its regulations provide some specific opportunities for international students who are interested in gaining Canadian work experience.

How do I apply for a job overseas?
If you want to apply for a job overseas, then there is a complete process that you will have to follow. First of all, find a position, you want to apply for and then look out for worldwide companies which offer this job role and do the networking and research on your part.

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