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The job market of today is an ever-evolving construct, full to the brim with numerous bifurcations and verticals that even the most eminent experts have a hard time deciphering. While umbrella terms and definitions might be used to satisfy a chunk of what most employers might be searching – like the umpteen cookie-cutter degrees that have become a staple of this environment – but the fact here is that there are still several things that one needs to grasp before they can take a definitive step into this market.

One of the most significant problems currently plaguing the job market is something that we’ve already mentioned before – cookie-cutter degrees. Gone are the days when an MBA or an M.Tech would be enough for you to get a job, and in the long run, a career. Now, this isn’t even remotely the case, with a whole host of people with subpar education from less-than-reputed sources hiding behind these seemingly imposing letters in the hopes of landing something substantial.

The modern job market is not fooled by this anymore.

Innovation is given more importance over conformity. Out-of-the-box thinking is more valuable as opposed to rigid notions. Individuals with fresh ideas and unique insights are preferred over those who have nothing new to bring to the table.

It’s not that people who’ve gone through the same generic form of education won’t be able to sustain a job. However, there’s a difference between getting employment right now and growing in your career in the long run. Sustainability is a crucial factor of new-age learning, and a shortage of sustainable educative practices is one of the biggest challenges that employers who want to become future-ready are facing at this point.

However, not everyone has turned a blind eye to these problems – in fact, several modern institutions have rolled out new-age courses with the purpose of helping people specialise across a whole host of fields and become unique and eminent players in the job market of today and tomorrow.

A great example that will help illustrate this point would be to talk about Pearl Academy, an institute that provides students with new-age learning across fashion, design, and media verticals. Here are some of the many unique courses in Pearl Academy that will illustrate just how unique these courses can be.

  • Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging: Students will be provided with the knowledge required to become a leading voice in the digital space of fashion and lifestyle.
  • Contemporary Photography: By equipping oneself with modern photography skills, individuals will be able to achieve success in this creative environment.
  • Events & Experiential Marketing: With the prominence of events and experiences in today’s day-and-age, this course will help students utilise the appropriate marketing practices in this particular context.
  • Fashion Modelling & Choreography: The art of walking on a ramp is not an easy one in the slightest, and this course will help individuals understand and direct fashion shows with a modern edge.
  • Mobile Journalism: Mobiles have become a staple of modern life, making it the need of the hour for journalists who are breaking into the scene to have their voice heard. With this course, you’ll be able to accomplish the same with ease.

Keeping the scenario of a continually shifting and evolving job market in mind, it must be said that going for a contemporary course in your higher education will go a long way in improving your future employability prospects. Institutes like Pearl Academy help satisfy this exact need with a litany of offerings, geared solely towards helping people become future-ready industry veterans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start a fashion lifestyle blog?
To start fashion blogging, you need to have a theme or a pattern in mind. Look what type of content will be loved by people. Go step by step. First, decide on a blogging platform, many bloggers these days have made Instagram as their main platform for blogging, followed by website, YouTube and Facebook. Once your platform is decided then you should move on to deciding a domain name and theme of the content. When all of this is put together, things will eventually start falling into place.

Who is a fashion choreographer?
A fashion choreographer works in accordance with the models in a fashion show. They are basically a catwalk choreographer to make the fashion show look more refined. A fashion show choreographer works alongside the eminent fashion designers and models and works according to the theme of a fashion show. In various fashion shows, a proper play is enacted for which a fashion choreographer is responsible. They take care of the direction as well as the execution part.

What is Mobile Journalism?
In the digital landscape, Mobile Journalism is a digital getaway for the media industry. Mobile Journalism refers to journalism which can be done through your smart device. One can shoot, record and publish news through their phone. There are several colleges that offer short-term courses for Mobile Journalism.

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