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How to make a wedding day all the more special with your styling expertise!

You love being organised and paying close attention to creative demands. And you are increasingly fascinated with large social gatherings, weddings, and social celebrations. From reading wedding blogs, buying magazines to checking out the latest trends in weddings and daydreaming about planning and styling the perfect wedding, you are probably seeking guidance on how to go about it. Or perhaps, you are at a loss in knowing how to channelise your creativity into something rewarding and satisfying. What you need is a career in wedding styling and planning through a course in professional wedding planning program from a prestigious institute such as Pearl Academy.

A course in wedding planning, styling and design will help you express your creative thinking and present you with a career that is refreshing and highly enriching. Not only will you learn how to plan weddings and manage someone else’s memorable day, but’ you will also learn the basic and advanced steps in wedding design and operating a business. From colour coordinated wedding themes, decor, florals, lighting and more, to learning on design and styling concepts, you will be able to create a variety of inspiration boards to charm your clients.

A wedding stylist can inspire the smallest of ideas and transform them into revolutionary concepts through the use of design tools such as floral charts, colour boards, materials and more. Understanding the production and logistics of styling a wedding will further help you to present your wedding design proposal to clients with confidence and bag the winning deal.

There is a growing need to choose the right institute that teaches students to be empowered on how to be industry specific. The digital age demands career aspirants to be duly equipped with the right skills in order to meet challenges head-on. This calls for blending traditional classroom concepts with modern-day knowledge, application of technology in real life and cutting edge skill sets. This is why we are seeing traditional career paths slowly giving way to rising careers.

So, if weddings are your passion project and you love creating mood boards as a hobby, it is time to turn your passion into a lucrative business. At the end of the day, weddings are the ultimate in creative collaboration. Not only are you at the heart of the planning and designing nucleus, but you are also an integral component of directing all the action through your skills and creative talent.

Opt for a professional program in wedding styling and design if you are looking to:

  • Launch a wedding business
  • Enhancing opportunities for planning and designing social celebrations
  • Equipping your resume with planning and designing skills
  • Maximising your income potential
  • Intending to become a highly sought-after wedding professional
  • Merely wanting to blend your love of organisation, planning and creativity through wedding design

Working in the wedding planning and styling industry will give you the opportunity of diving into a creative sandbox complete with a wide range of creative outlets that can fuel your passion into a highly gratifying career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the duties of wedding planners?
As elaborated on above, wedding planning, styling, and designing is proving to be a lucrative career. Some of the duties carried out by these professionals include –

  • Create a masterplan
  • Provide consultation
  • Sell services of vendors
  • Ensure contracts are in order

What skills do you need to be a wedding planner?
Some of the desirable skills required to be a wedding planner include –

  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Communication and customer care skills
  • Problem-solving skills and quick thinking abilities
  • Attention to detail

What qualifications do I need to be a wedding planner?
There are two prominent ways to break through into the wedding planning industry. Firstly, aspirants can build connections through networking and gain experience through freelancing/internships. Secondly, individuals can pursue a specialised bachelors degree from premier institutes as discussed above.

What misconceptions do people have about being a Wedding Planner?The most common misconception is that it’s a superficial job, or that it’s easy. This is false – it includes handling vendors, justifying pricing and convincing your couples to trust you. People who can afford wedding planners obviously have high expectations, and when planned on a large scale, it is indeed a complex and meticulous process.

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