5 Most Sought After Jobs in the Construction Sector

If you’ve ever thought about entering the construction industry to pursue your career, now might just be the time to seriously contemplate it. The industry is growing exponentially, and companies across the globe are looking for a skilled construction workforce to meet their employment needs. According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), huge growth in new job openings in construction is expected in the coming years. More specifically, it is estimated that in the United States by 2024, there will be 7,90,400 new employment opportunities in the industry. As far as the UK building sector is concerned, the amount of jobs offered by construction companies has been continuously increasing each year since 2011.

While growth all over the world is evident, it is essential to divert our attention to India and analyse the construction industry and its scope. This industry in India is the second largest after agriculture, and accounts for about 11 % of GDP of India. The present infrastructure level is insufficient in comparison to the demand of the existing urban population. Hence, the redevelopment of urban areas in existing cities and the formation of new, smart cities due to a rising population and migration from rural to urban areas is – critical. These future cities will require smart real estate and urban infrastructure. The Government has advocated this by announcing a new urban development mission under the ‘Make in India’ scheme. The mission includes the support of the use of private capital and expertise through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), to bolster their infrastructure and services in the next 10 years. A prominent example of a PPP in construction is the development of the Mumbai Metro. The plan was laid down by DMRC where the private party involved was Reliance Energy Ltd. Given below is an analysis of the most in-demand jobs in this industry.

Construction Manager

A construction manager’s job is a mixture of office and field work. The duties assigned to a construction manager include employing suitable workers, attaining job permits, updating clients on project development, scheduling and administering meetings for clients and inspectors, and monitoring any on-site issues. The manager works in collaboration with the architects and engineers to ensure that the project is done on time within a predefined budget.

Cost Controller/ Estimator

Cost Estimators are responsible for computing and analysing project costs, submitting and securing deals for projects, and efficiently monitoring the distribution of funds throughout the lifecycle of the project. Most companies require a cost controller to at least have a bachelor degree in either construction management, engineering or building science. An advanced understanding of finance and budgeting is a must in all industries.


A glazier is a professional who cuts, shapes, and installs all the glass fixtures in a building. Simple courses are available worldwide to learn the craft. A glazier works on the integration of all the glass on the interior and exterior of a building. As buildings move to incorporate more glass and inflow of natural light, glaziers are seeing an expected 11% growth in jobs in the next 10 years.

Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal workers oversee functions such as fabricating, installing and repairing sheet metal products at a work site. They must be proficient and well versed with the equipment and tools used to create and assemble the sheet metal products. Other crucial job responsibilities include ensuring that sheet metal elements of a project are on schedule, within financial constraints, and up to the quality and set safety standards of the job site.

Elevator Installation/ Repair

The amount of high rise buildings across all cities and towns is constantly growing. Construction sites require specialised assistance with the installation and repairing of elevators being used in these new projects. Elevators are used in nearly all buildings in today’s world in both commercial and residential establishments. This is a perfect example of a niche role in construction, whose demand is bound to skyrocket in the future.

Investments in construction and investment are vital to a country’s economic affluence and prosperity. Transportation, communication, sewage, water and electric systems are all major examples of how infrastructure helps shape the nation. Some of the giants in this industry are Larsen & Toubro, DLF, GMR, Jaypee and Reliance Infrastructure.

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