New-Age Courses

New-Age Courses that will help Secure your Future Career Prospects!

Education is an investment that is expected to reap lifelong returns throughout one’s life. The internet era demands a fresh wave of changes in the education system with each passing year. The current generation who are living an alternate life in e-space has increasingly rendered the traditional train of thought in choosing what they want to study and have discarded the long-running career paths.

For example, once hot-selling careers such as engineering and medical are riddled with lower prospects or benched employees today. It is time, therefore, for students (and parents) to rethink career options, keeping present and future realities in mind.

Traditional and long-running courses no longer serve the security of one’s career. Today, in an era of automation, a quick, quirky and creative course is the need of the hour. Which is why the institutes closely connected with the industries have taken up this task at hand and have introduced the new age contemporary courses to boost the power of creativity and innovation.

One of these institutes is Pearl Academy; since its establishment in 1993, Pearl Academy has positioned itself as the premier institute for fashion, design, and media education. The institute offers the contemporary courses in all these primary spectrums.

Let us take a look at the top 5 new-age courses offered by Pearl Academy. These programs are poised to ramp up the education system which will require a trained talent pool of human resources in varied verticals.

Contemporary Photography

Contemporary Photography

As the name would suggest, Contemporary Photography is highly misunderstood for photography in the present time. However, it is somewhere in the space in time between today, and the earliest inception of the medium. There are no bookends to defining a period for ‘Contemporary Photography’. It is a rolling and evolving view of photography from a contemporaneous moment in time.  

This 11-month-long weekend certificate course in advanced photography offers a unique opportunity to aspirants and amateur photographers to enhance their photography skills and explore the visual culture.

Fashion Design (Women Wear)

Fashion Design

Pearl Academy has emerged as one of the best fashion design institutes in India. The 11 months weekend fashion design course will offer all fashion principles along with the basic etiquette required for fashion to attain a broad overview of how to promote and sell their products.

Image Makeover

Image Makeover

‘First Impression is the last impression’. If you have been around people, you would know that your physical appearance speaks volumes about your other personality traits. People perceive you from your looks, and your image can make the difference between success and failure. It doesn’t always, but it often does. A person’s image is essential if that person wants success, whatever that may be.

The Image Makeover course at Pearl Academy aims to groom young professionals through a combination of makeup styling and etiquettes. It consists of 4 modules that will give students the details on how to form an image makeover and how to look good and presentable in public.

Styling for Home

Styling for Homes

If you need styling, why should your home remain behind? This course will enhance your knowledge on how to add those exceptional touches to your home and turn it into your dream home with the perfect decor ideas.

Throughout the tenure of this course, you will learn to style homes with an eye for aesthetics, design, details, and commitment. It will help you enhance your creativity and provide you with a broader spectrum of design elements and principles such as colour patterns, furniture, accessories when it comes to decorating the home.

Digital Filmmaking

Digital Filmmaking

Today, even blockbuster films are using digital filmmaking as a medium to create content and therefore promote it. The one-year professional certificate aims to design and train learners in two critical dimensions of film-making – storytelling & production. The course gives an overview of film studies, the basics of film budgeting, and audio-visual productions, including web entertainment.

So, it’s time to ‘Move On’ from the race of traditional courses and start fresh with the specialised and industry relevant courses with Pearl Academy.

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