How to Raise a Gen Zer | Parenting 4.0

If your child is born between 1996 and 2010, you might often observe them sitting only on their phones or laptops, watching web series on Netflix or just randomly scrolling the social platforms for watching random updates. Well, don’t worry.…

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The importance of a child’s mental growth and the impact of psychology on a child’s learning.

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Online platforms may have been initially designed to share knowledge and information, but there is a rising need for parents to exercise some levels of control on what and how their children are viewing and perceiving online content. Thus, here are some points parents must keep in mind when planning to restrict devices used by children.

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How to raise gen zer

A guide for everything you need to know for raising a gen z kid

Raising a Gen Zer can be new for parents and it is essential for parents to act as a guardian, mentor and friend at the same time. Thus, here is a guide to raising a Gen Z kid.

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