Parenting Trends 2019 : All You Need to Know

The New Year has dawned upon and along with new year resolutions and promises, comes a whole new year of parenting. Parents must be pondering if the new year will hold a little bit more luck for them as they adjust themselves to the norms and weights of raising a child. Parenting styles vary from adult to adult – maybe you’re relaxed while other parents tend to be worried in comparison. 2019 is bound to be an interesting year for parents and as trends come and go, given below are our predictions for what to expect in the next 12 months.

Lower Number of Gender Reveal Parties

The popularity of gender reveal parties have gradually been decreasing in recent times, and we predict it could reach an all-time low this year. Along with having the reputation of being an over-the-top occasion which could possibly be avoided, parents are starting to question the idea of enforcing gender stereotypes in the form of themed parties for an unborn child. It seems downright old-fashioned as most parents believe that a traditional baby shower is enough to celebrate the birth of a child.

Audio Books

According to Pinterest, searches for “audio storytellers” are going up by 126 percent as we enter this year. This essentially means that for parents, audio books are an effective source of entertainment for their children. It gives parents a distraction mechanism for kids refusing to go to sleep – as it’s not exactly a screen but performs similar functions. It helps kids calm down and relax in at the end of a busy day, while also allowing parents the much required time off as well.

Lawnmower Parents

‘Lawnmower Parents’ are parents who essentially block/cut down all obstacles and difficulties their child may have on a day-to-day basis. Instead of preparing children for daily challenges, they ‘mow down’ these challenges before they arise in the first place. This form of parenting is not ideal as your child will never struggle or fail in their youth which may lead to problems as they grow up and cannot be spoon-fed all the time. That being said, parents are growing to be much more protective of their children on a daily basis which means this trend is here to stay for a while.

Flip-Phone Parenting

This trend in parenting has risen from the need to be in touch with their children for security reasons, while at the same time preventing them from being engulfed by the era of smartphones and technology. Humble flip-phone performs the essential features a child may need to access, without presenting itself as a distraction for them. The screens never crack, the battery life is comfortably above 9 hours, making it the ideal device for a 12-year-old who may need it for safety. ABC News reported in November that these traditional devices are slowly being preferred by families who want to ensure that their children are safe and sound, while at the same time preventing them from being influenced by the cons of technology and the internet.


Parents are now subscribing to a host of services such as – baby food, toy kits, and diapers. Another popular service being availed by parents is the toy rentals. Children more often than not lose interest in toys over an extremely short period of time, leading to parents wasting valuable money and effort in procuring them.

Methods of parenting are constantly evolving. While earlier parents were keener on allowing their children to deal with daily obstacles by themselves, today’s parents aim to make their children’s lives as stress-free as possible. Technological advancements have lessened the burden on parents while simultaneously proving to be a threat in the form of a distraction to their children – balancing out the pros and cons of automation, which will prove to be a significant challenge for parents in 2019.

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