How to raise gen zer

A guide for everything you need to know for raising a gen z kid

Gone are the days when parents needed to figure out the best way possible to raise a member of Generation Y – namely, millennials. This has become a label of sorts for the previous generation, with guidelines and advice coming from experts all over to help parents deal with this age group.

However, in today’s day-and-age, millennials are no longer the talking point for parents. Most of the members of this generation have already crossed the age of 20 and are either seeking out higher education or starting a career and making a name for themselves. These people have become increasingly independent, which is why the pressing issue in the minds of today’s parents isn’t on how to deal with millennials. Instead, the children of today have become a part of Generation Z, who pose their unique set of challenges that can confuse any parent who’s sorely ill-equipped to deal with a generation that has unmitigated access to technology and information.

So, in a bid to make this seemingly imposing task of parenting slightly easier, here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help the parents of today act as a guardian, a mentor, and a friend to their child.

Keep a balance of real-world interactions and screen time

It is close to impossible to negate screen time entirely for a child in today’s day-and-age – information has become a universal concept with technology enabling a person to attain this knowledge. However, while internet-enabled devices are the best way for people to absorb said information, real-time learning through regular real-world interactions is also important. Therefore, while it’s important to let children access the internet to attain knowledge from a vast number of sources, this should also be balanced with real-world interactions to help develop a modern and knowledgeable train of thought.

Understand your child’s thought process with regular interactions

Regardless of what generation a child belongs to, they will always seek validation from their parents. In the days before the technology boomed, parents were the figurehead when it came to imparting information. However – as we’ve already discussed above – this is not the case anymore, with a single Google search providing information at a moment’s notice. So, don’t dismiss the idea of an intellectual or productive discussion with your child – if anything, know that your child will most probably have a different train of thought and having a heart-to-heart at regular intervals will help you understand and mould your child’s thought process.

Who knows – your child might raise valid points that could give you a reality check as well!

Always remember: Patience is key

Raising a child is no easy task. It’s easy for any parent to say that parenting is a thankless job with no rewards, but that’s not the point of raising a child. At the end of the day, your kid will constantly look up to you, which is a double-edged sword – they will always try and learn from you by asking you questions or spending time with you, which can get grating at times.

However, looking at this from a negative perspective and either getting flustered or distracting your child is not the way to go. Instead, entertain your child as much as possible. Even the smallest gesture can help – instead of merely answering your kid’s questions, elucidate in a broad sense about the topic they’re interested in and treat them with respect. Doing so will go a long way in ensuring the conducive development of your child and develop a relationship that’s not just held together by family, but by friendship as well.

Generation Z is a term that might intimidate most parents – aspiring or otherwise – who don’t want to stumble or be impeded by any obstructions during this journey. So, in a bid to prepare yourself to tackle these oncoming challenges, the tips discussed will go a long way to ensure that your parenting method does not impede your child’s growth but propels it instead.

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