Models of blended learning

What are the various Models of Blended Learning?

Given the rise in the concept of Education 4.0, there are new modes of learning that are increasingly becoming prevalent to impart all kinds of knowledge and training to the students. Education 4.0 – the future of education that responds…

Education 4.0

What is Education 4.0? How you can adapt to this learning environment?

The way Industrial Revolution 4.0 is transforming the world, technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are impacting major industries, and in turn, jobs. It can be considered similar to the replacement of manual…

New-Age Courses

New-Age Courses that will help Secure your Future Career Prospects!

Education is an investment that is expected to reap lifelong returns throughout one’s life. The internet era demands a fresh wave of changes in the education system with each passing year. The current generation who are living an alternate life…

Augmenting education by integrating the latest technological innovations

Education 4.0 is all about integrating educational goals with the latest technology to impart learning to the new age children of today.