Upskilling Continues for Pearl Academy Students Amid COVID-19

Upskilling Continues for Pearl Academy Students Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has definitely led us all into a very challenging period of time. This epidemic has created several new problems and all major industries of the world are looking for innovative solutions to deal with these problems. One such industry…

Pearl Academy - Contemporary Photography Course

Which institutes offer Contemporary Photography Courses in India?

Photography has always been an attractive and viable career option for individuals with a creative bent of mind. With the rapid digital and technological expansion in advertising, media, and fashion, the photography industry has emerged as a fruitful and thrilling…

Pearl Academy - New age courses

Learn how to improve your future employability prospects!

The job market of today is an ever-evolving construct, full to the brim with numerous bifurcations and verticals that even the most eminent experts have a hard time deciphering. While umbrella terms and definitions might be used to satisfy a…

5 High Paying Jobs you didn’t know Existed

It is not always necessary to pursue the conventional careers. Look up to these unconventional high-paying jobs that you can opt for as a career option.