Specialised courses at UPES

Take a look at some recently introduced Specialised Programs that will help you become a Future-Ready Employee!

Educational programmes these days must develop the need for specialisation, which caters to the skills required to gain professional competence in the industry set-up. Specialised education helps the potential students to meet or exceed the strict academic standards in their respective field.

Back in school, gaining an exceptional education is a rare thing; however, in college a set curriculum helps in preparing the students to enter and thrive into a professional world. It also makes sure that future educators and employers are respecting education.

In the current education system, we have seen various universities adapting to the need for specialisation and relevant education in an individual’s academic career. UPES one of the leading university offers industry-aligned and specialised courses through its distinct schools.

Let’s take a look at the specialised courses offered by UPES.

BBA in Energy Law

A graduation degree in Energy law will focus on creating the leaders of tomorrow and helps an individual in the field of law to create legal experts with the upgraded knowledge on national and international regulatory framework in the department of law. There are various domains of energy law in which one can attain specialisation.

  • Oil and Gas Laws
  • Electricity Laws
  • Renewable Energy Laws
  • Laws relating to mines and minerals
  • Nuclear Laws

Energy law is a very specialised field of law particularity in the context of Indian Market. The bachelor’s degree at UPES helps in specialisation and relevancy of education.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering majorly focuses on designing, construction, development, testing and maintenance of commercial and military aircraft and spacecrafts.

One who specialises in Aerospace engineering and possesses a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering is titled as an “Aerospace Engineer”. A bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering will provide you with extensive training to make an industry ready professional. One will gain insightful knowledge about aircraft and will be able to solve technical issues involving design analysis and manufacturing of aeroplanes, rockets, missiles, space launch etcetera.

Computer Science Engineering  

A B.tech in computer science engineering and its various fields will train students in the basics of subjects like information and coding theory, algorithms and data structures, programming language theory, formal methods, applied computer science etc. After the completion of their bachelor degree, one can opt for a job in the field of research and IT as well. The degree will include necessary technologies to make an individual a specialist and an industry ready professional.

Auto Marketing

All of us have heard about Digital Marketing, but Auto Marketing is a field which is still in its infancy. It is one of the most sought after courses in the management sector of the automobile industry. The course will teach you in depth about the key concepts in Agency Management, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing.

If you are someone who does not want to follow the traditional route of academic courses and want to dissect yourself from the rat race, then gain specialisation through UPES specialised and industry courses.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the average salary of an aerospace engineer in India?
Aerospace engineering is one of the most high-paying jobs in India. The average salary according to the recent statistics is 6 lakhs + incentives. They enjoy various other allowances like retirement, health insurance etcetera. On a fresher level, the aerospace engineer will get a salary of around 1 lakh.

What comes under computer science engineering?
Computer science engineering (CSE) is one of the popular courses among engineering aspirants which focuses on the basic elements of computer programming and networking. Students pursuing computer science courses will gain knowledge of design, implementation and management of information system of both hardware and software. Going by the name, CSE course deals primarily with the theory of computation and design of computational systems. The course is offered across the globe in technical institutions at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels awarding B.Tech and M.tech degrees, respectively.

What kind of jobs do aerospace engineers do?
Aerospace engineers are employed in industries in which workers design or build aircraft, missiles,systems for national defense, or spacecraft. They work primarily for firms that engage in manufacturing, analysis and design, research and development, and for the federal government.

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