The myth and magic behind setting goals

To achieve goals, you need to have plans in personal and professional life. Goal setting is important for students as well as professionals because it helps to build their future. Setting a goal plays a significant role in building leadership skills among students. But every process comes with its pros and cons. Goals help in achieving our target. Benefits of setting goals can be many, but there are myths too.

Setting goals in life improve self-confidence. While you’re setting goals, it looks real and achievable, and it makes you feel positive about yourself. Goals make our vision clear, and we start working hard in the right direction with the hope of good results. Goals give us the vision of our future, and we start to work on it accordingly. It is essential to set our goals and focus on small steps as it makes it easier to work on it and make it achievable. It is better to have smart goals, but having goals and writing them down can set you apart from around 97% of people who don’t have them. Setting goals can be an eye-opener to someone as they would be able to figure out their strengths and weaknesses, and they might start working on it.

With advantages, there are also myths of setting goals and achieving it. Many a time, goals make the situation stressful, and it can be confusing. It’s because we assume that we have to work hard to conquer our target, and this makes us think that we have to do a lot of things to achieve them, and that is when we start feeling under-confident, cynical, and less motivated to work on it.

Another drawback of setting a goal is, if a person sets a  goal for someone else, they might not be aware of the fact that how the individual works and behave towards achieving it, they might not know their strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes setting an unrealistic target which is hard to achieve can be disastrous, because achieving a goal gives a sense of accomplishment, and after that, not being able to achieve the goal can lead to self-doubt and failure. This can also cause various mental and performance disorders.

There are negative impacts of goal setting, but if someone can manage the pressure and is willing to work hard, they can do well by taking small steps towards it.  After the failure of not achieving something, you should take out some time and evaluate the barriers and distraction you have faced while working on the goal.

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