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Do you know about these New-Age Filmmaking Course that will make you Future Ready?

Technology has transformed our lives in every possible way we can imagine, and it continues to do so. Today, the digital experience in every field is fundamentally different as it varies in the functionality of each field. Everything in the digital era seems easy and reproducible with a click of a button, and complex processes that once required a lifetime of training are now efficiently executed by a novice technology, with the help of a few machines.

One such field that has benefited and expanded from this technology is Filmmaking. The advent of digital platforms in our lives has transformed the way we, as audiences or creators, look at a film.  It enables them to blend art and digital media and speed up the process of filmmaking as well as be more creative and innovative with the content which is going live in the market.

Pertaining to the modern developments in the field of filmmaking, various colleges have introduced this new-age course which makes an individual well-versed with the latest techniques. Pearl Academy, one of the leading institutes in Fashion, Design and Media has created the new-age future ready course – Digital Filmmaking.

A new recommendation for aspirants – this one-year professional certificate aims to design and train learners in two critical dimensions of filmmaking – storytelling & production. The course gives an overview of film studies, the basics of film budgeting, and audio-visual productions, including web entertainment.

The course opens up multiple avenues for the students, some of which are mentioned below in detail.

Script Writers
The role of a scriptwriter has become easier in terms of technology but more creative in terms of writing. The script cannot be vague anymore, as it holds utmost importance and is a critical aspect of any film. Right from believable characters to engaging plot points, to short and crisp dialogues, these are the vital elements in the screenwriter’s repertoire.

Production Manager
A production manager is responsible for setting the production budget and making sure that everything runs smoothly during the filming.They ensure that manufacturing processes are done reliably and efficiently to ensure maximum and quality results.  The major responsibilities include method analysis, quality control etcetera.

Assistant Director
The role of an Assistant Director is synonymous with that of a production manager. A production manager will always need an assistant director. An excellent assistant director can maintain the smooth functioning of the production department and help them accomplish the day’s work while keeping a check on the number of shots required to tell a story.

Film Assistant
The primary job of every film assistant is to learn and observe the development of a film. If you wish to know the ABC of filmmaking, then you have to know everything right from handling a camera to working on the scripts and managing production.

Nowadays, Filmmaking is not only for entertainment, but digital recreational activity through various set platforms. These include feature films, documentaries, promotional films, TV commercials, music videos and more because filmmaking is not just for show and information, but also for digital communication. This can be done by the fresh new approach to mass media with the help of upcoming creative talent in the industry. Pearl Academy is nurturing this talent through it’s Digital Filmmaking course.

If you also want to be a part of this revolution in the film-making industry, feel free to drop a mail or comment, our team of education counsellors will get in touch with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the colleges that offer film making courses?
Here are some top colleges that offer filmmaking courses :

  • Whistling Woods
  • Annapurna University
  • Pearl Academy
  • Westwood institute for Filmmaking

What are the steps in making a movie?
Filmmaking is not as easy as it sounds. Listing down the steps for an easy reference:
Step 1: Get Your Equipment. Camera: The most essential piece of equipment for your movie making endeavor is going to be a camera
Step 2: Write Your Film Script
Step 3: Look and Feel
Step 4: Casting
Step 5: Filming and Editing

How can I be a good filmmaker?
To become a good filmmaker, one has to get a proper education and a degree apart from the skills. A good filmmaker is creative and innovative. He should understand the importance of a story line and should also know the do’s and don’t of cinematography as well.

How long does it take to become a filmmaker?
Aspiring directors may pursue a bachelor’s degree program in fine arts, film, or a related field. These programs typically last four years and offer directing concentrations, which help students develop skills such as casting, rehearsal procedures, text analysis, acting techniques, and camera application.

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