Upskilling Continues for Pearl Academy Students Amid COVID-19

Upskilling Continues for Pearl Academy Students Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has definitely led us all into a very challenging period of time. This epidemic has created several new problems and all major industries of the world are looking for innovative solutions to deal with these problems.

One such industry is the education sector. At present, millions of students are facing difficulties in coping with their syllabus, let alone finding ways to develop their skills, as they are left alone without any guidance of any kind. But new-age institutions have effectively found a way to lead by example and develop ways through which they can allow their students to not just keep a track of their curriculum but also use the spare time productively and enhance their skills. One such institute is Pearl Academy.

Pearl Academy is one of India’s most trusted names in the field of design, fashion, business, and media education. This institute has been in the spotlight for its unconventional, industry-ready education and its dedication towards improving the quality of human resources that step into the creative industries. Staying true to this reputation, Pearl has come up with effective ways to continue providing quality education even as the nation faces a lockdown.

One of the most notable of these measures is that the institute has quite effectively started taking online classes for its students. Pearl is one of the first key players to have ventured into hybrid learning in the country and had always had a part of their curriculum online. This is what helped them in transitioning into digital education and ensure that their students don’t suffer a loss. Aside from regular online classes, the institute also arranges international exposure for its students by arranging masterclasses with faculty from reputable international universities like Manchester Metropolitan University. Industry experts like Amit Aggarwal, Miss Malini, Ekta Ranjan, Shantanu and Nikhil, Gunjan Gupta, and Ashish Vidyarthi are also conducting live classes exclusively for Pearl Academy students.

Pearl has also made it a point to ensure that its students and faculty receive an opportunity to upskill themselves. Pearl offers its students and faculty members a unique opportunity to enhance their skills by providing access to over 3,900 additional online courses in collaboration with Coursera and Business of Fashion. These courses are an excellent way to enhance your resume and develop an edge over your competitors.

Apart from this, in order to protect the interest of students who wished to attain a foreign education, Pearl has come up with the Go Global initiative to allow students to take up two semesters in reputed international partner universities after completing three years at Pearl. Institutes like Pearl Academy show us that there is so much we can do if we decide to not let any obstruction come in the way of our goals and dedication. Pearl Academy is now QS I.Gauge E-Lead certified for E-Learning excellence for academic digitization with a perfect score of 150/150. It is the only Indian Design institute with this distinction. New-age institutions like these assure us that the future of education lies in safe hands. Pearl Academy is all set to conduct its online exam on 18th July. Click here to know more about Pearl Academy.

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