Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)

Virtual Learning is basically an online classroom or a digital space. A virtual learning environment is a set of learning and teaching tools which are fashioned to enhance a student’s learning experience by including computers and the internet. Also known as the future of classrooms, virtual learning does not replace existing learning environments; it enhances them. It just offers an elegantly designed space but a place where learners, teachers and students feel at ease. 

The 2000’s witnessed internet bringing revolution in almost all sectors including education. The teachers use technology in the classroom to make learning interesting for their students and the students on the other hand use internet for an in-depth research on the subjects of their interest. 

The process of Virtual learning allows the learner to study at a pace that suits them.  A major component of a virtual learning environment is breaking the curriculum into sections that can be assigned and assessed, online support for both teacher and students. Through virtual learning the education providers can host e-learning courses that they would like their students to learn.

  • Virtual learning is making the education world smaller by bringing the university and the professors to our classrooms and homes through our digital screens. Skills like machine learning and artificial intelligence that are upcoming in India but are not accessible to a lot of students. Virtual learning is an easy approach to tackle this as educators cannot be present everywhere physically. 
  • India has a very few premier colleges which has limited seats due to which most students are not able to get quality education. According to a report by MHRD in the year 2017, it was pointed out that not all schools in India have the required number of teachers. Due to this reason teachers are not able to focus on the students nor the students are able to efficiently use their time spent in the class. 
  • But now through online learning, it’s possible for students to access quality education imparted by the best of professors on the tips of their fingers. Apart from providing quality education to students, it is also providing them with personalized content. It is also making classroom learning fun experience and more engaging with learning quizzes. 

Through Virtual Learning now students can actually focus on discovering their true interests in a way which is efficient to build their careers. This form of learning is the beginning of a revolutionary concept which has the potential to disrupt the Indian education system and build a better learning environment. 

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