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Why Fashion & Lifestyle Business Management has become the need of the hour in modern times?

Luxury management programs such as fashion and lifestyle business management have risen exponentially in recent times. The rapid growth of the luxury industry in the past decade and its continuing expansion has given rise to successful careers in the fashion industry. To get a grip on the opportunities available that you didn’t know existed, having an education in fashion and lifestyle business management can give you unique skill sets to succeed in this growing and dynamic industry.

In order to achieve success, the world of luxury brands requires a highly imaginative and disciplined outlook. Because the industry is dramatically changing due to advancing technologies, demands, expansion of international markets and transforming consumer trends, there is a unique opportunity for talented professionals to meet Indian and global requirements in this field.

The world of luxury brands is a fascinating yet challenging industry where its business managers are called to deliver their very best, and they can only do so if they are equipped with the right management knowledge, exposure and channelised creativity. The impact of design on luxury has helped brands scale new heights, which is why talented students are seeking the best schools to hone their abilities.

The psychology behind luxury product consumption has developed to a great extent and requires adept business managers who can understand trends and further improve the space. With the right technical and managerial skills from a specialised institute such as Pearl Academy, you can be prepared for the future of luxury and be a part of some of the most valuable brands.

Regardless of whether you are looking to become an integral part of the fashion industry or looking to update your competencies or wanting to become specialised before your first experience in fashion and luxury, a course in fashion and lifestyle business management can give you a global perspective and unique learning perspective.

Through this course, you can be a successful entrepreneur or a part of a globally recognised luxury brand specialising in producing, distributing or commercialising fashion. You will learn to appreciate, examine and study the fashion sector and its various features, its growing trends and help chart the way forward for the company and brand.

By learning effective management strategies, you will be able to develop successful business plans in specific areas and contexts in the fashion sector. With guidance and interactions from industry professionals, you will have the golden opportunity of building your professional network in the fashion industry.

The need for educated luxury business managers is in every segment of the society including spa services, chocolates, apparel, electronics, lifestyle aesthetics, cars, wine & spirits, perfumes, wellness, antiques and art, jewellery and more. As more and more luxury brands are expanding their operations abroad, you will be able to present your insight and understanding learned from the course to succeed in new environments. The thrill of shaping and communicating the identity of a luxury brand can add volumes to your experience and open doors to a wide new world of luxury business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is fashion and lifestyle business management?
The function of procuring, assembling, marketing/promoting, distributing, and finally, retailing fashion garments is a highly specialised one. A Fashion & Lifestyle business management programme aims to equip interested students with a comprehensive range of competencies suitable for employment in the fashion business in India.

What is considered a luxury item?
Luxury goods are products that are not a necessity but are highly desired. These products are generally associated with wealthy or affluent people. They are desired for a host of reasons, including – to support self-worth and status, or for the product’s unique quality and craftsmanship.

What is the difference between necessity and luxury?
In simple economic terms, necessity goods are those products and services that users will buy and demand regardless of the changes in their income levels and purchasing power, therefore making these products less elastic to changes in their income. Similarly, a luxury good is a commodity for which demand increases more than proportionally as there is a rise in income so that expenditures on the product occupy a greater proportion of overall spending.

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